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It’s not too early to start planning to plant trees to restore canopy to our neighborhood. October is usually considered an ideal time to plant trees, giving them a chance to establish roots during the winter, in order to get through the hot months of their first year.

Consider trees native to the Edwards Plateau and resistant to oak wilt, like cedar elm, bur oak, chinquapin oak, Lacey oak, and pecan.

These trees are not considered appropriate near overhead and underground utilities.

They can be planted in full sun, but young trees will benefit from protection from sun scald and attention to watering needs during Texas summers.
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Christian NInaud is a Nextdoor WCNA Lead
Christian NInaud from WCNA 7 Aug
Thank you for the reminder! We planted two trees in our back yard, a Montery and a Live Oak, and they are doing fantastic. Lots of water is key. They have spouted to about 15-20 ft tall already!
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Jen Bristol from WCNA 7 Aug
this year we cut all the branches back from the Red Oaks (Spanish Oak) that came in contact with our Live Oak. I have three young live oaks that have come up naturally in the back and they are all doing great. if you do buy trees- DO NOT buy them from Lowes or Home Depot- make sure you get them from a local grower like Barton Creek Nursery or one of the other local stores.
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Sharon Porter from WCNA 7 Aug
Christian: We have planted several live oaks, both before and after oak wilt plague. So far, so good. I did not mention live oaks because the city arborist does not recommend them. Can you post photos of one or both of your trees, with any pointers about planting you think would be helpful or inspirational?

Jan: thank you for your advice.

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