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Canopy Comments – Restoring Canopy 14 Jul
Sharon Porter from WCNA
If you have small trees you are caring for during the dry, hot days of summer, you may find these devices helpful in watering your trees while staying in compliance with watering restrictions.

The Water Conservation Program is located at the Austin Water Utility. Parking is readily available on the street on East 10th Street, in the first block west of I-35. Be prepared for security: sign in and show ID.

Remember, hand watering is allowed at any time.

Free Treegators and Moisture Meters (from the Treebune, Austin’s Urban Forest Newsletter)

To help keep young trees healthy, Austin Water is offering free Treegators, which are slow release watering bags that evenly deliver water to a tree’s roots without run-off or evaporation. Trees should be 2-3 inches in diameter (about the size of your wrist) with branches at least 25″ from the ground.

Water your tree using the Treegator once a week during summer. After it empties (typically 5 to 9 hours), remove it until it’s time to water again or move it over to another needy tree. When your tree outgrows the Treegator, consider donating it to a friend or neighbor, or planting a new tree of your own! Additional tree planting and care information is available from the City of Austin Arborist Program.

Pick up your soil moisture meter or Treegator (one each for Austin Water residential customers) between 8am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, at 625 E. 10th Street, 6th floor Water Conservation office. The telephone number is (512) 974-2199.

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