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Canopy Comments – Follow up on oak wilt survey report 2 Jun
Sharon Porter from WCNA
Now that we have a report of our oak wilt map for spring, 2014, and I have communicated a preliminary report to the neighborhood, I recommend that we, as BOD, consider any further action we might take.

I am appending the Nextdoor map for reference. The square is for oak wilt trees, the circle is the tree in the ROW being treated by the city, thanks to Chris Dolan, C of A arborist for oak wilt mapping. Chris’s recommendation is to treat any live oaks within 150′ of the oak wilt trees. This is the responsibility of property owners. He also recommends using oak wilt certified arborists for work on live oaks.

We don’t know more than we know. This shows neighbors on Nextdoor, but not whether they screen their messages, and they may not have read the report.

Neighbors not on Nextdoor may or may not be on Facebook or Yahoo groups.

Any of these may or may not be renters, or otherwise not invested in our canopy.

I have spoken to a woman who seemed to be a resident at the address next to the tree being treated, the tree that Chris stated concerned him most. She did not register that she remembered the door knob notice Chris placed during the site visit.

Would the BOD want to consider a follow up notice to sites within 150′ of the affected trees, reinforcing Chris’s recommendations? Perhaps placed on doors like the notice of Neighborhood Night Out that was so effective last fall. Perhaps signed by the President of the BOD? I will be glad to draft if the BOD votes for further action.

It takes a village (or at least a neighborhood) to control oak wilt.

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