Canopy Comments

Canopy Comments 8 May
Sharon Porter from WCNA
Chris Dolan, City of Austin arborist for oak wilt mapping, will survey our neighborhood next week. The survey has been timed to take place after the leaf exchange, after the new leaves have replaced the ones that have fallen from the trees and a valid assessment can be made.

Findings, recommendations, and updates will be reported through neighborhood media and our Walnut Creek Neighborhood News.

Social media seems to be the most efficient way to keep neighbors informed, and we seem to have most of the neighbors on one or more of the three: Nextdoor, Facebook group, or Yahoo group. All groups are restricted to residents of the neighborhood, and membership requires residence at an address in the neighborhood.

Neighbors not represented on on one of these social media will not receive real time reports of the survey. If you have neighbors who are not on Nextdoor, but are on Facebook or Yahoo groups, they will receive information real time.

If you have a neighbor who is not on neighborhood social media, but would like to be, the easiest way to join seems to be to invite them to Nextdoor.

If they prefer to not belong to neighborhood social media, but do want information about the oak wilt survey, encourage them to look for the report in the next issue of this newsletter.

The more neighbors who treat vulnerable trees as recommended, the more successful the neighborhood will be in controlling oak wilt and protecting our live oaks.

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