Canopy Comments

Canopy Comments 22 Jan
Sharon Porter from WCNA
Generally late fall through early spring is the recommended time to plant a new tree. Autumn is the preferred time to plant in Central Texas, and October is ideal.

Most shade and ornamental trees sold in the nursery trade are either balled-and-burlapped or container grown.

Balled-and-burlapped trees should be planted in October, to allow time for development of disturbed roots during the winter.

Container grown trees can be planted later in the season, because there is less disturbance of the plant’s root system. It is not too late to plant a tree this year, but plant before buds develop and be diligent about watering during the summer.

Canopy Comments are posted after consultation with Michael Embesi, City of Austin Arborist.

Save the date: Mr. Embesi will speak at the WCNA Annual Meeting on Tuesday evening, March 25th. Look for further details in later postings.

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