Walnut Creek Neighborhood News (Walnut Creek Neighborhood Association) is sent to all members and every household within the boundaries represented by the Walnut Creek Neighborhood Association: Braker Lane, North Lamar, I-35, and Yager Lane.

Newsletter Archive

To contribute content to the newsletter, send contributions via email to
wcna.contact@gmail.com or contact Pat Pitt at 512-837-6620.

Social Media/Listservs are available to join, but are restricted to residents of the Walnut Creek Neighborhood as bounded by: Braker Lane, North Lamar, I-35, and Yager Lane. These offer three options for communicating with neighbors who are members. Not all neighbors are members, and members are not the same for each option.

Each option has at least one volunteer administrator from the neighborhood who is responsible to review applications to join, and monitor deportment according to the guidelines of the option. To join, visit the respective website.


Facebook – official WCNA page

Facebook – unofficial neighborhood group

NextDoor offers the option of communicating with adjoining neighborhoods, and may include communication from the City of Austin.

Postcards to each address in the neighborhood are used when the Board of Directors votes that an event requires notice to each and every address. Look for these in your mailbox.