Attend an upcoming event

Check out our calendar to view upcoming WCNA board meetings, official yearly events & holiday celebrations, volunteer opportunities, and social events organized by residents.

Help make our neighborhood safer

Learn more about Safety initiatives, how to become a Safety Team member or Block Leader, and other ways we can work together to keep our neighborhood safe.

Keep our neighborhood beautiful

Attend a neighborhood cleanup, connect with others who are working to care for our trees and trails, join the Trail Stewardship Committee, and more!

Become a WCNA member

WCNA membership is open to any resident (owner or renter) or property owner within the boundaries of the association. WCNA members are eligible to vote in yearly elections and yearly dues help to fund neighborhood improvement efforts, projects, and events. 

Connect with neighbors online

Join a neighborhood group to communicate with neighbors and stay updated about what’s happening in the neighborhood. Click the underlined links to go to each group.

Walnut Creek Neighborhood Facebook GroupUnofficial group for people who live, work, or own property within WCNA boundaries.

Walnut Creek NextDoor If you already have a NextDoor account in a different neighborhood, update your address. If you are new to NextDoor, create an account and enter your address.

Parents of Walnut Creek Facebook GroupUnofficial group to allow Walnut Creek parents an opportunity to meet other parents in our community.

Buy Nothing Walnut Creek Metro Park AreaFacebook group for residents of Walnut Creek and nearby neighborhoods to give and receive, share, lend items and support.


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