The Walnut Creek Safety Team is a group of volunteer neighbors who care about improving the sense of safety for all residents in the Walnut Creek Neighborhood.

The Safety Team does this through organizing safety initiatives, connecting neighbors with one another, and communicating with residents and local law enforcement about safety issues. 


Safety Team Lead (Christian Ninaud)
• Serves as lead point-of-contact for the Safety Team across WCN.
• Communicates with APD liaison as needed.
• Maintains any Safety Team funds.
• Administor Facebook Messenger groups along with other Safety Team members.

Block Leaders
• Act as point of contact for Safety Team members and WCN residents in their designated area.
• Regularly patrol their designated area or the entire neighborhood if possible.
• Connect with neighbors via initiatives such as Safety Socials, clean ups, or other activities.
• Participate in Safety Team governance and decision-making.

Safety Team Members
• Get to know their neighbors so they can know when things are out of the ordinary.
• Patrol their area or neighborhood at whatever frequency feels right to them.
• Participate in Safety Team initiatives.
• Provide feedback on Safety Team goals, initiatives, and neighborhood safety in general.

For more information about the Safety Team, contact Christian Ninaud via text at (512) 971-7628.


The Safety Team is NOT qualified to respond to emergencies. If there is a crime or other emergency in progress, or if you see suspicious activity in the neighborhood,CONTACT 911 IMMEDIATELY.

After calling 911 please text the Safety Team Lead Christian Ninaud at (512) 971-7628 for awareness and any potential follow up.