Canopy Comments – Canopy Restoration

Written by Sharon Porter

October 31, 2014

imageLacey Oak (Quercus Lacey)

The Lacey Oak is native to the Edwards Plateau shallow, limestone or caliche soil, generally on the west side of Austin.

It grows from 30-50′ high and has a spread of 25′. One of the smaller oaks, it is considered ideal for small urban yards.

It grows slowly, and is resistant to oak wilt.

It can tolerate full sun (6-8 hrs of full, direct sun) or partial shade (4-8 hrs of sun). It will require less water in partial shade.

Foliage is blue-green and deciduous.

Once established, Lacey Oaks requirements are very low for water. Water occasionally, if no significant rain for 30 days.

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