Updates on Google Fiber Construction

Written by Robert Meadows

July 28, 2022

Here is information on the upcoming Google Fiber construction in our neighborhood. I received this email today.

  • Our team will be in the field to begin utility location work throughout the neighborhood this week and next, with construction scheduled to start the week of August 8th.
  • Residents should see No Parking signs on streets where construction is scheduled to begin within 48 hours
  • Residents on impacted streets should also receive a door hanger advising them of the impending construction and our construction hotline (877) 454-6959 for reporting any related issues.
  • Areas within the neighborhood with curbed streets will have our standard deployment of a shallow trench in the seam between the curb and pavement.
  • In areas with curbless streets, we will deploy our fiber running line 6″ off the presumed edge of pavement. We have adjusted our restoration standard and these areas will be more attractively restored with native soils.
  • As discussed, our team has proactively identified several large trees in the curbless street areas where we will be deviating our running line into the pavement to avoid any potential conflict with critical root zones. We will restore the pavement per standards set by Austin Street & Bridge. Over the next several days, our crews will be marking our running lines with white paint, and you should be able to observe where these deviations for tree root zones will occur.
  • Our team will have a certified arborist on-site as needed if there are any perceived conflicts with root zones that emerge as we work in the neighborhood.
  • Neighbors can contact our construction hotline anytime to report any issues (877) 454-6959

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