Canopy Comments – Oak Wilt

Written by Sharon Porter

October 22, 2014

Chris Dolan, City of Austin arborist for oak wilt mapping, has completed his survey of Walnut Creek Neighborhood. The only evidence of oak wilt he found was at Indianhead at 11817 and 11812.

11812 is in the right of way, and Chris has already secured funding to treat that tree.

His recommendation is that live oak trees within 150′ of these trees be treated by an oak wilt certified arborist. There is a posting on the internet and I will get more specific information for neighbors tomorrow.

He is meeting with me tomorrow at 1:30 pm at 11812 Indianhead to review his findings. Anyone who would like to join us is welcome to come. I plan to be there on the early side of 1:30 pm, and I don’t think this will take very long, so please feel free to join me and we can talk while we wait for Chris to arrive.

I have notes that Eve McQuade, James Hoffman and Donna Estes were particularly interested in the findings of the survey. If you cannot come, look for my written report in my next posting under the Canopy Comments tag.

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