Trail Construction Update & History

Written by Gary Brewer

June 30, 2022


I flailed/mowed our trails and my bluebonnet patch under the transmission lines several weeks ago and also moved some downed trees from the south side path going down to creek steps.

Margaret and I walked the trails this morning and they are in very good shape.

We also walked the concrete trail wondering why it was open??? And WOW, it is LOOKING GREAT. I feel like my 20 or so years of working on this are finally coming to bear fruit but Margaret and I are probably too old now to ride our bikes on it.

I talked to one of the Urban Trail city persons this morning about the trail entrance barrier being open.


He said he would get with construction crew about this. They are still working on the sprinkler system and the landscaping. They have to add topsoil and seed it yet. So would like us to stay off of the concrete trail especially with dogs.

There will be a city walkthrough on our portion probably mid-July and if everything goes as planned, hopefully we get the OK to use it end of July???

Why we have the Walnut Bluff Trailhead / Park

Here’s a post of mine from 2019 and 2020 explaining why you have our WALNUT BLUF TRAILHEAD TRAILS.

I would like to remind all of you that if it were not for my involvement in the REGIONAL TRAIL concept and development that I definitely would not have invested the thousands and thousands of dollars, and hundreds and hundreds of hours of time and labor developing our Walnut Bluffs trails/park and most likely you would not have a Walnut Bluffs Trailhead/Park and for sure, not in it’s present form…

The southern end and farther away folks of WCN like us on North Oakwood have to either walk a long way, bicycle or drive to walk the park. In the early days of this there were a lot of us that did and could ride bikes. And if I recall correctly, over 75% of WCN was in favor of the REGIONAL TRAIL (should be in our WCNA archives) and were awaiting the completion of the REGIONAL TRAIL to our neighborhood. I have been involved for 20 years or more and as I recall in the beginning completion was to be between 2005 and 2011. The date kept moving out further and further and here it is 2020 and we still have a hard time being able to access the REGIONAL TRAIL from our neighborhood, but in the meantime I/WE built our neighborhood trails/park in anticipation of it.

Another note to remember is that On The Green Apts. has supplied most of the land which I built our trails on and still owns some of it that I built on to complete our trail loop with their permission.





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