Trail Construction Update 3.24.22

March 25, 2022

Update on the trail construction! Selected info from the email sent by the city: Construction is progressing on Northern Walnut Creek Trail Section 2A, from Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park to Oakbrook Drive. Since beginning construction in Fall 2021, the contractor has built over 2,600 linear feet of trail and is expected to complete this project on schedule by the end of October 2022. Please note: the Walnut Bluffs trail entrance will be closed beginning Monday, March 28 while the contractor begins work on a short trail connector in Phase 3.

Phase 3: This phase is comprised of the section of trail east of North Lamar Blvd. within the Walnut Creek Greenbelt.

Work Completed: 1,054 linear feet of trail has been built

Upcoming Work (March and April) Complete remaining trail:

Form, prep, and pour concrete for connection from the circular turnaround to Walnut Bluffs Trailhead. Plant native grass seed adjacent to trail within limits of construction

Walnut Bluffs Trailhead connection update: The contractor will begin work on a small neighborhood connector trail near Oakbrook Drive on Monday, March 28th. The limits of construction at the trailhead will be fenced off at that time. For the safety of trail users and construction crews, DO NOT CROSS THE ORANGE SAFETY FENCE. We appreciate your patience as we work to extend the Northern Walnut Creek Trail.

If you have questions about the project, please contact:Inspector:

Gabriel Hernandez: (512) 299 – 2148 –

Project Manager: Genest Landry: (512) 974 – 8749 –

For further details about this project, please visit the Walnut Creek Trail project website.

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