Medians Are Coming on North Lamar

Written by Pat Pitt

March 15, 2022

One section of the “map- drawings” of improvements to North Lamar under the 2016 Mobility Bond (i.e., already funded) is shown to the left. Medians are the main features, shown as light green strips outlined in blue in the center of Lamar, oriented with north up. This shows only the stretch from just below Caddo to above Little Oak, providing just enough magnification to see most features (legends at bottom). This is the current plan, with changes still possible.

The concept of medians is to eliminate the “chicken lane” we now deal with regularly. With increasing daily traffic and the addition of more businesses with significant traffic on both sides of Lamar, the opportunities for head-on collisions is increasing rapidly. On the other hand, the “fix” – medians with left-turn cutouts – limits the places where a vehicle can turn left into a side street or parking area. Thus organizations that aren’t at or very near a left turn cutout will be harder to reach from the other side of the street, requiring a U- turn at the next cutout.

As you can see here, Little Oak, near the top, has no left turn cutout when approaching from the north, so getting to Little Oak for southbound drivers will require making a U-turn at Caddo and going back: Caddo does have a left turn cutout.

It was decided to put left-turn capability for northbound traffic to reach all four of the religious institutions on the west side of Lamar north of Little Oak. North Bend and “Santorini” also get left turn lanes for northbound traffic.

Coming from the north (southbound) the left turn breaks are at On The Green, Oakbrook, Caddo, the North Bend intersection, and Braker.

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