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Written by Sharon Porter

October 21, 2014

Photo from Sharon PorterBur Oak

October is the ideal time to plant – trees have over the winter to develop roots and begin to get established.

The Bur Oak is native to the Edwards Plateau (shallow, limestone or caliche soil, generally on the west side of Austin), and also Blackland Prairie, (usually found on the central and east side of Austin).

It grows to a height of 50-70′ and has a spread of 50′ or greater, and is noted for producing very large acorns.

It should be planted in full sun.

Bur oaks are deciduous.

After they are established, they require very little water. Water occasionally during very dry conditions. All plants require more water when first planted.

Bur oaks are large, majestic trees which are very adaptable and need lots of space and deep soil. They have a moderate rate of growth.

The bur oak in the photograph was planted last fall as a 5 gallon container plant and is now 5′ tall.

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