Canopy Comments – Tree Ordinance

Written by Sharon Porter

October 21, 2014

Photo from Sharon PorterThe following message is a response to a request to investigate a situation reported by a neighbor earlier this week.

What we learned:

Take photos of trees in lots that might be developed. After the bulldozers clear the lot, it can be too late.

Report concerns about violations: the response was immediate, and clearly communicated back to the parties making the report.

One of the trees, a cedar elm in the protected category, had sustained apparent recent injuries to the bark. Precautions could have been taken to avoid this.

“Thank you for the notification and additional information regarding the lot on Tedford Street.
The site address you have been referring to is 11504 Tedford Street. I have walked the site today and measured the felled trees and found they were less than 19” diameter (not protected size).
I also interviewed the adjacent neighbor to gather some site history and understanding of what has been going on.
The remaining trees in the R.O.W. and along the south property line are large enough to require a Tree Permit that will have conditions requiring proper protection.
I will be contacting the property owner to make him aware of the City’s Tree Ordinance and the requirements within.

Thank you,

Douglas Dear
Inspector, City Arborist Program”

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