Canopy Comments – Oak Wilt Survey Follow-up

Written by Sharon Porter

October 21, 2014

Photo from Sharon PorterOak Wilt Survey, Follow-up Site Visit by City Arborist

Last week Chris Dolan made a follow-up site visit to his 2014 spring survey. He did confirm that two trees of concern now have oak wilt.

These are across the street from the trees infected with oak wilt at 11807 Indianhead. In the photograph, tree to the right in the right of way was treated, the tree to the left has not been treated.

Arborist recommendations are to treat uninflected trees within 150 ft. of infected trees.

One neighbor reported a tree that survived oak wilt and recovered to the point of producing a crop of acorns last year, the question: can an oak wilt survivor be infected again. It appears that the answer is that each situation needs to be evaluated individually. There is no clear pattern of resistance developing in a tree that has survived oak wilt.

If you have questions about this new development, you can contact:

Chris Dolan, Environmental Program Coordinator
Arborist for Oak Wilt Suppression Program
City of Austin – Planning & Development Review Dept.

He is usually available by telephone at this number between 7am and 9 am weekdays.

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